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I think the question was fair, and people have focused on the 'optimal' part which was perhaps bound to happen. I do think it's always good to reiterate that bigger=better (or even, biggest=best), but understand that most of people don't have the space or money to house the frogs in the setups they would ideally like. It's important that as a community we discuss what is practical and realistic, as well what is ideal. People in glass vivs shouldn't throw stones etc.

To that end, let me answer your question in the format requested - I think it isn't a bad exercise, honestly...

Dendrobates Leucomelas - Euro style step-Vent Viv - 3.2 group - 36 x 18 x 24 - Orinoco Rainforest, Venezuela ;)

My reasoning for this was that I had 0.0.3 in a 36 x 18 x 24 and I saw the frogs on odd occasion travel from the ground to the top corner in about 5 hops. That explains the width. 24 inches minimum due to what gets eaten up by substrate, 18 inches due to background and just being able to scape it in a way that provides enough hiding spaces. Male-heavy group due to research about females being territorial and sometimes aggressive, so giving more than 1 option for mating would likely diffuse that aggression. Also more calling frogs would be my preference! I think 5 would be fine, given correct viv layout and enough hiding, sleeping, and egg-laying spots for each frog to feel comfortable. I'm unsure if euro-style =/= step vent, but a vivarium with top ventilation as well as underneath sliding doors is best. A low step-vent is my preference, allowing for unobstructed viewing of the vivarium.

The last part is of course a joke, but I would definitely agree with the consensus that 36x18x36 in terms of commercially-available vivaria would be best, though scaping an even larger tank is a very rewarding challenge, giving lots of room for interesting plants, pieces of hardscape and design elements.

Hope that helps
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