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Could I have picked anymore expensive hobbies?

I feel everyone's pain. I have a 25 gallon tank that I have spent thousands on! 25 gallon tank, stand, 110 watt of CF, 50 # of live rock, live sand, 4 powerheads, skimmer run by another powerhead, heater, Eheim Pro 2 external filter, torch coral, pulsing zenia, zooanthids star polyps, feather duster, red kelp, green lettuce, red bubble macro and countless other macros, skunk cleaner shrimp, emeral crab, 20 - 30 snails, 20 - 30 hermit crabs, 2 clowns, 1 flame angel, 1 orchid dottyback, 1 neon goby, countless amounts of supplements and of course salt. I absolutely love it though! I'm glad that I don't have a larger tank because of the increased cost and husbandry involved.

What else? I also have a freshwater planted 12 gallon nano cube and another freshwater planted 10 gallon tank. 12 gallon nano cube DELUXE with 48 watts of CF light, heater, CO2 tank, ferts, onyx sand, two large pieces of driftwood with java moss covering it, java ferns, contortion vals, glossostigma, dwarf hairgrass, dwarf lobelia, 2 mated pair of Golden dwar rams, 10 pygmy corys, 7 ottos, 6 tequila sunrise guppies and 7 cherry shrimp.

The ten gallon is very similar except for 110 watts of CF lighting.

Now I am getting into this frog thing! I have 6 leucs, 4 powder blue tincs, 4 G & B auratus & 4 azureus! What the hell is wrong with me. My place is turning into a friggin ZOO. Please send a straight jacket and admit me to a metal ward. Maybe that's why I'm not married anymore...just kidding.
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