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Oh Boy does it get crazy....

I got back into the hobby with some cobalts. Then added leucs. Then vents....yaddah yaddah. I've spent over 1000 bucks on frogs this year, that doesn't include supplies, like a rack, aquaria, plants, (coconut chips, fiber, huts). No burglar is coming here since there are lights on in almost all the rooms during the day into evening hours.

Now I'm starting to get tadpoles, lots of tadpoles. I've already taken up lots of space in my apt. The rack I got a few months ago is full of terraria and cups of tadpoles and the frogs produce even more eggs. I'm quickly going to have to come to a decision on what to do with it all. No basement or extra room. Maybe we'll have to rent another apt just for the frogs.

The crazy thing is I keep thinking I'll get more frogs. I really have to restrain myself when I see frogs for sale that I've been interested in. Definately not easy. I just hope to raise some froglets so that others can enjoy this hobby and maybe recoup some of the money that went into my dendromania this year.
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