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Costa Rican Green and Black Auratus coming in spring!
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After months of online research, comparison spreadsheets, and lurking here, I've finally settled on the new members of the family I'll be adding this spring: Dendrobates auratus 'Costa Rican Green & Black'.

I'm nervous and excited to add frogs to my life. I've never had a frog before, except a temporary rescue. A year and a half ago I rehabbed a badly dehydrated and possibly contact-poisoned Pacific Chorus Frog. I found him stuck to the asphalt in the middle of a 110 degree parking lot by nearly stepping on him! I didn't think he was going to make it, but I brought him home, gave him some clean water to soak in, and built him a little vivarium to stay in till he felt better or passed on. I'm happy to say his stay was a luxurious 2 weeks of being fattened up on termites from my wood pile, daily misting, and no threats to his safety at all. I released him into my garden (don't worry-they're native to the area!) and he hopped away to hide in the leaf litter. Though his hospital enclosure was small, temporary, and simply stocked with garden weeds I loved having him in my life while he recuperated. I really enjoyed having the tiny vivarium and I miss it.

Now I'm building a 90 gallon tropical paradise in my room. I'm good at plants. My practice terrarium (a 16" cube) has been going strong for nearly 9 months, and I have learned a lot about terrarium gardening. Now I just have to learn (more) about the frogs in preparation of their arrival. I am determined to keep these frogs as happy as their presence makes me!
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