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I Have A Lighting Question

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idk if this post goes here and im sorry if it dosent but on my lights question i want a t-5 ho fixture that is 48 inches long and is a 108 watts and 6500 k is this way to much lighting and if so can you guys please point me in the right direction. i want to be able to keep any plant
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it dosent have a cooling fan but i can easily set up one and thank you for the help. is this too much or just right for any plant just wondering
It is a 55 gallon long tank so it has some depth into it. And I pretty muck know the terminology I'm in the process from leaving the saltwater coral reef hobby. I will read the link You sent me. Thank you
Thank you pumilo. Will I get great colors and plants flowering
OK thanks for the heads up I will look for some good reflectors
Lol I noticed that also. They are ether currently in the reef hobby or getting out of it. But I'm in the same boat as you I'm a junior in high school what money I get out of my saltwater goes to this hobby lol. But of course I'm gonna be posting pic for everyone to see.
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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