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I Have A Lighting Question

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idk if this post goes here and im sorry if it dosent but on my lights question i want a t-5 ho fixture that is 48 inches long and is a 108 watts and 6500 k is this way to much lighting and if so can you guys please point me in the right direction. i want to be able to keep any plant
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that's plenty of light and you will be rewarded with colorful broms and healthy plants. Does the fixture in question have a cooling fan? of not then watch your tank temperatures closely so you do not overheat it and kill your animals! good luck,

what size tank is this? as long as you're not putting this thing over a small shallow tank, then i'd say its good as far as light levels go. Not all plants enjoy the same amount of light, so you will just have to play it by ear and plant plants in places were they will get the right amount. Ex. mosses, bromileads, tillandsias, and other light loving plants up high in your tank, while lower light plants go on the bottom where they will not receive as much. if you are confused about any terminology, bulb types, etc... this guide might be helpful
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It is a 55 gallon long tank so it has some depth into it. And I pretty muck know the terminology I'm in the process from leaving the saltwater coral reef hobby. I will read the link You sent me. Thank you
i swear like half the people in this hobby are ex reefers! haha not me though. I'm a poor college student :p A 2x54 watt t5ho is like perfect for a 55. Like pumilio said, you will be pleased with the 2 t5's, but good reflectors can make an alright fixture into a great one! Post pictures of your tank once you get it all put together for us to see
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