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Yes you are, I am stuck with my photography, and have been reading for a upgrade. I had hoped the Sony 828 would be what I want, but it has some issues. I am guessing they may fix it or replace it soon, but hard to tell. The DSLR route is not cheap, and I am not sure that I will get much better with a DSLR. I'm still thinking on it and talking to a few people, but for now i'll just spend my money on more frogs. :)

BillJohnson said:
kyle1745 said:
Very nice bill, the second one is one of your best yet. Very clear.
Thanks for the comments! I like the second shot best as well! I'm finally getting where I want with this camera and hopefully a set of macro filters will help some with the depth of field.

-Bill J.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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