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I cant decide

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Im working on a 20XH for D. Imitator and I have two design ideas for the tank and cant decide what to go with.

1- I pulled out a bunch of neat looking root sections from a tree that was pulled up, they are all really skinny and gangly, but when they are all put in the tank they cover alot of area and give it a really neat different look I havent seen before. And I was going to attach 3 broms to the back wall a a Myrmecodia tuberosa and a Dischidia pectinoides from blackjungle and a N. Gracilis that is in really bad shape.

2- Add most of the same plants but use the old stand by "ghost wood" but not all the plants fit as well.

What do you guys think?
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I vote for the first, more original.
I vote for the first, more original.
is it ok to use forest wood? i was told to only use the sterile ghost wood and things of the sort
all the wood I use is from the woods around my house. You just have to make sure that it isn't rotten and get it REALLY CLEAN!
I would get a big pot and boil all the pieces you want to use. That should kill anything on those bad boys. Sounds like a good idea. Get some pics up when your done with it.
I use wood from a pesticide free forest by my house. No huge cleaning or baking or anything like that; the frogs take care of whatever bugs are on it. I search the pieces for any pests such as earwigs etc first.

Moe's got the right idea :D

Who boils/disinfects everything the dart's come in contact with in their natural environment? Think about it. As long as you are sure it hasn't been contaminated with anything a good rinse is usually enough. I'v used item's from outside for years in my reptiles enclosures and all I'v ever done is rinse it off. I spend more time cleaning store bought items because I don't know where they have been and how they were handled or stored.
About a year ago I found a nice peice of white oak on a nature trail and took it home and added it to my bicolors tank.It is still in fine shape and has what look to be little gray insects on it most of the time.They scatter when I mist the tank and I have watched my big ole bicolors eat them.
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't ghostwood really just some sandblasted hardwood native to the U.S.?
Mark W.
i love #1 its so original, all i do is wa the wood of, any bactera will just help vreat a natural balance.
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