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Does anyone have experience using hypochlorous acid for quarantine/sanitizing plants from pests, particularly scale etc?

I have a device which we use for generating our own HOCl at home for cleaning purposes, and it occurred to me it could be useful for vivariums/plants.

Or anyone see scientific studies that confirm one way or the other whether we could safely rely on HOCl for clearing plants for our vivariums?

I know folks mostly rely on dilute bleach, but will hypochlorous acid also work without the potential toxicities since it's the active ingredient in bleach?


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I don’t know anything about hypochlorous acid, but of all potential plant and frog pests, bleach is actually least effective on scale - it can’t get through the hard shell. The only effective ways I know of to deal with scale are systemics, and quarantine/observation along with removal by hand. And maybe garlic-glass snails, based on this thread
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