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Just a side note - condensation on the glass is not a sign of proper humidity - that just means there is a decent temperature/humidity difference between the conditions inside the vivarium, and those of the room it is in.
Not quite. Condensation forms when temperatures fall below the dew-point. The dew point is a function of three things. Temperature, Humidity, and pressure (It is safe to assume pressure inside and outside the tank are equal so we can remove this from the calculation).

Condensation forms on the glass walls of tank because the temperature has fallen below the dewpoint. The temps in our tanks are typically in the 70's. For condensation to form the humidity in the tanks need to be fairly high (at least 60-70%, if not greater). No matter what the temperature gradient is between the inside and outside of the tank, if there is a deficient volume of water vapor in the tank you will not get condensation.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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