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hi all !
this is my first post here :D
I'm from holland and i recently completed my very first tank.
i dunno the american measurements in gallons but in centimeters its
80 * 40 * 50 (length/depth/height)

Im having a prob with the humidity tho,
Although there is a waterfall, and the backwall (fernroot i believe is the right word) is being watered for 4 - 6 hours a day, I still only get a air humidity of 60 where it should be between 70 and 80.
The temperature is right too. (25 degrees celsius)
I spray 3 times a day.

I think i might have something to do with ventilation.
The front and top have air strips. but ive seen alot of tanks with the same strips and air circulation.

Plz help i'm clueless ! :cry:

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If you have that much water moving in the tank and still only have 60% humitdity, you have some serious ventilation issues. I would just cover most of the ventilated area with either plexiglass, glass, or ever plastic wrap. None of my tanks have more than two 8x3 (cm) vents. Lots of them, I don't even bother making ventilation holes for them. Hope this helps.

Kevin Hoff

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i use the little analogue ones which you can stick to the window.
I'll try and get me a digital one.

I'll also try to cover one of the vents. Bottom or top.

Here you can see a picture of the tank before it was decorated n stuff.

i marked the strips in red.

This is a pic of the tank fully decorated

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I keep my ventilation holes covered over night and during the day. I only uncover them when i want to actually see in the tank. I had the same problem you are having until i did this. Now if i could only automate this. 8)

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peoples !
i'm happy to inform you that shutting off the bottom airstrip helped alot.
Humidity is now between 70 and 80.

thanks all for helping me. :D

kyle; yes i made it. took some time. made in 3 weeks. worked on it some evenigs when i had the time.
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