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jackgus22 said:
I am new to the sight and I was hoping someone could tell me how to post pics. :lol:
Hi Jack,

First you need a location for the images. The basic syntax is
Where location_of_your_image is where the image is stored. Most folks around here use the Gallery feature. To do this, click "Gallery" on the top menu. From there, I think it is "Create/Order My Albums" which will take you to a screen called "Album Manager". From there enter the name of your album, eg., "My Vivarium" and click "New". Now you should be able to go to the "Upload file" and from there it is pretty self explanatory. Within your gallery, bring up the picture you want to show. Click on it and you will get a preview. Now, you can right click on the image (unless you are on a Mac) and select the "copy image location" or something similar depending on your browser. Now, within the message use the example above and type the image tags with your image location pasted between the first and last image tag.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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