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I went to home depot today and bought two 48" double tube T8 shoplights. I plan on putting a combination of the 32 watt 6500K and 5000K tubes in them, or maybe all 6500K.

So, I'll have 4 tubes putting out around 2900 lumens each for a total of around 11,600 lumens into a viv that will be around 70 gallons. Will this be enough to grow the plants fairly thick? Will it be enough to grow tsilandsias and broms?

I may be able to cram a T12 between the others for another 4500 lumens in there to get closer to around 16,000 lumens but I don't have much room in my homemade hood, and I don't have the money for high intensity. So what do you guys think? Is 11,600 (16,000 if I can cram them in there) lumens enough?
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