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Hi imitator pair is still laying like crazy even though I've left the last few clutches in the tank. The first clutch of two have come out of their sacs, and I found one tad in a film canister with water...I don't know where the other went.

Anyway, there are six eggs in the same film canister that are still developing, so I'm wondering how many tads they can raise at once? Should I take out the remaining six even though only one is in the water? Or should I maybe let the first clutch of three hatch out and take out the last three? That would potentially be four tads...isn't that too many for them to raise? I know many of you just leave them alone, but this early in the game, I don't want to just let the tads die. (the pair just started breeding a few months ago)

Thanks for any input!


The pair I have now have had 3 tads they took care of at the same time.Out of them, the last one is just about out of the water and they are back to laying eggs.
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