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How many springtails?

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I am getting ready to set up some new springtail cultures, and I was wondering how many springtails should go in a new culture to get it going? Thanks

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The more springtails you use the quicker the new cultures will take off. I use a few hundred, possibly a thousand including all the babies. They start producing new springtails fairly quickly. Start them with as many as possible. I was running low on the temperate springtails so I made a culture with only about 20 adults and about 2 months later there is quite a bit more.
I keep my springtails in gladware containers, 16 oz. up to 76oz. with peat moss on the bottom with some charcoal on the top. I keep the temperate closer to 70 degrees, and the tropical closer to 80 degrees. I dont think the temp matters too much, but you will notice a difference in production when seasons change and the room gets warmer or cooler.
I make them quite often. I usually have 5 cultures of each type of springtail I have, so on average I have 15 cultures. Most are 76oz. gladware containers.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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