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Hi All,

I just got my first darts. I picked up 4 G/B Auratus. My questions is 2 part.

1) How many cultures should I start and how often should I start them (ie. 2 a week? 2 bi-weekly)

2) How many flies should I feed these things? They have been pounding back what I have given them but I am afraid I will over feed.

Thanks for everyones help!

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I would do 2 melonogaster and 2 Hydei every week.
Its probably more than you would need, but you would be covered if you lost one culture of either species of fly. If they are still young and in at least 20 gallon viv, i would put about 50 flies in twice a day. Just rough estimates, but its better to do more than not enough, as long as its not to the point of undue stress, from the flies crawling all over the frogs. Its my opinion that overfeeding young is almost impossible.
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