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How does everyone else raise their eggs to froglets?

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I've been reading about eggs and tadpoles heavily for a week or so after my leucs laid their first clutch, and I've gotten some really mixed signals. :?

Some people say that you have to raise them individually in cups, and that they produce a toxin to inhibit growth of other tadpoles. They also change the water daily or weekly.

Some say that you can raise them communally with no water changes, or minimal water changes.

How does everyone on here raise their eggs to froglets? Please inlcude info on how you hatch eggs to raise tadpoles to morph froglets (just a little run on sentence!). :roll:

Will it kill them if I set up a 20 gallon tank with a low power mechanical filter on the back (whisper or some weaker one like that) with a sponge over the intake so they wont get sucked up? Seems like that tank with aged water and strong lights on it to grow algae and periodic or minimal water changes would be good for them. That way, I can control temperature, filtration, and light. AND, as you all know, a larger volume of water is less likely to crash as fast. What does everone think?

I know I'd have to have a separate tank to morph them, but that seems like the easy part. Just set up a tank with water AND land and let them grow!

Thanks ahead of time for clarifying this ambiguous science for me.
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I don't think they need a filter or much water movement. Think about how they develop in the wild. They are deposited anywhere there is standing water. I just read an article that water changes during the first couple weeks may affect development.
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