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He may want to reach out to the National Aquarium in Baltimore or the National Zoo in Washington; both have wild populations of frogs in their rainforest exhibits. One of my favorite parts of attending IAD is going to the NAIB and finding the various tricolors and smooth sided toads that they have around the rainforest exhibit. They head deadleaves under the stairs in one area and there is always a bunch of tricolors there.

I am sure food is not a problem at all for the darts with all the decaying leaves, etc. feeding the arthropods, but I believe they still put out some fruitfly cultures. I'm also sure quite a few tricolors are picked off by some of the smooth sided toads.

Others on this board can give you a lot more information on the exhibits and what is loose. There are more species than what I have mentioned.

One nice thing about tricolors being loose is that they are loud, so you can find them if you know what to listen for. My personal opinion is that it makes the exhibit a lot more enjoyable and really adds another level of interest for visitors.
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