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Housing Leucs

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I'm getting ready to order my first set of frogs, specifically Leucs, in the next couple of months. I've got a 10g set up( ) ready for them to go into. My question is how may can/should I put in there. I would like to get at least a pair, but was thinking about a trio. Is a 10g going to be enough for more than one or am I better off with a smaller (non thumb) species. I looking for a good "beginner" frog that is bold and has a nice call. I've thought about P. Terribilis but those will be my next adventure for a 30g long that I have laying around :wink: Any suggestion and comments would be greatly appriciated. Sorry for rambling
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Congrats! Welcome to the addiction. :D

The general rule of thumb is 5 gallons per frog, more if you can spare. If you want to get a trio, spring for a 20 gallon long. I've seen them for around $20 US at the pet stores.
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