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Housing Leucs

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I'm getting ready to order my first set of frogs, specifically Leucs, in the next couple of months. I've got a 10g set up( ) ready for them to go into. My question is how may can/should I put in there. I would like to get at least a pair, but was thinking about a trio. Is a 10g going to be enough for more than one or am I better off with a smaller (non thumb) species. I looking for a good "beginner" frog that is bold and has a nice call. I've thought about P. Terribilis but those will be my next adventure for a 30g long that I have laying around :wink: Any suggestion and comments would be greatly appriciated. Sorry for rambling
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I agree. The general rule is 5 gallons per frog, however you will have plenty of time to get a bigger one. They won't get to full size for about 5 months or so. Some people prefer to keep new froglets in even smaller containers for a month or so. They can find food easier and are easier to monitor. My leuc was very shy for the first few months, so don't be alarmed if you do put them in the 10 and they hide a lot. They will get bolder as they age.

Enjoy your new frogs

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