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House Spider In Auratus Viv

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Today, when i went to moisten the auratus, i noticed that the glass was a bit dirty. I took a paper towel to wipe it off. The male auratus came really close to watch me. But as i was wiping the glass near the "canopy", a small spider emerged and began running around. It was white, with a small cephalothorax and a spherical abdomen. Its legs were angular. It was maybe 2 cm in diameter with its legs extended. The male auratus was on the "forest floor" and the female in the "understory" so they weren't close to the spider. I tried to remove the spider with a paper towel, but it ran into the foliage and vanished from sight. I kept searching for a few minutes before deciding to wait for it to come out again. I have two main concerns: one, that the spider may pose a threat to the frogs, and the other, that they may eat it and use its venom for themselves.
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First of all I have had small spiders in my auratus tank and they have been just fine, if anything lunch. I would make sure the spider is not poisonous by looking it up. As for your frogs being able to use it's venom if I remember right it is a difficult process to mimic to make them poisonous, I believe the termites have to eat a certain plant and then the frog eat the termite or something along those lines. Hope this helped

There are reports in the hobby of frogs capturing and feeding on small anurans in enclosures. I've found a small froglet in a Parasteatoda tepidariorum web in the past and since then I make sure to deal with any spiders that move into the enclosures.

I too would try to keep spiders out of the tanks.
However spiders just outside of the tanks are great as they tend to catch alot of escape FF. :)
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