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I just got back from vacation to find that my original culture of fruitflies which i got maybe 4 weeks ago has produced unbelivably in the 9 days i was gone. Every spot on the coffie filter is covered in fruitflies. I dont know what to do. I cant feed them to my luecs, because im not getting them for another month so im in a real spot.
Right now ill set up another culture(which would be my third) and then flush them. I have just been releasing them into the atmostphere but im afraid this many could do something to the environment, or at least my moms garden :lol:.
The question is is his a suitable plan or not?

Also on a side note if im going to be getting 3 leuc froglets how many cultures do u think i should have producing?

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Yeah definately make more cultures, you never know when you might get mold or a culture will crash. I would have at least 3 or 4 for your froglets to be safe. Use the extra flies to make new cultures and flush any extra to keep the cultures from crashing. Putting them in a cooler area should slow down production until you are ready to make more.
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