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It totally looks like some type of annelid (ogliochaetes) more than likely. Either a typical earthworm, or relative along the line. I haven't had any of these popping up in my terrariums, however, I have had some rather large nematodes. Thank goodness they are not parasitic to amphibians. Parasites are very unusual, because lets say you have a parasite that infects dogs, well, this parasite typically can't live unless it is in a dog. So, even if you do have some type of a parasite in your terrarium that came in with a plant or moss, chances are that they do not infect frogs. You also have to remember that different life stages of the parasites infect different animals. I know that some types of hookworms (another form of nematode) do actually infect frogs. Anyway, it is best to consult with someone that knows about particular parasites, such as pseudocoelomates, or acoelomates, or others. Sorry for overstepping the point of this post,

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