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I am just curious how many people in the hobby, mainly US, actually have these frogs?

Any morph just curious. Also what success rate do you have ( I realize it is low but there still has to be some since we have them in the hobby still)
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Thanks so much for showing me that ^^. I have just been curious on them and so was just seeing who has what so I can come to understand O. Histos better because they are gorgeous frogs

And I know it seems like I want them from the way the text comes off but I honestly don't it is mainly a curiousity thing.
Lots of people with these frogs tend to keep them on the down-low and only sell/trade/give to people they're very close with. I seem to be finding that these are a bit more common than people give them credit for, but many of the owners just don't talk about it.
aren't they illegal in the US?
It is a grey area like many other frogs in the hobby. They were legally imported for quite a while until their native countries shut down exports, so those frogs and their offspring are legal. There have also been imports from legal European lines, some of which are legitimate and some of which likely trace back to smuggled frogs. There has been a number of discussions on the topic, a search through some older threads would be worthwhile if you are interested.
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