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They both seem really healthy to me with normal coloring. I know that you might be far from the DC area, but it might be a good way for you to get more involved with the hobby.

Follow these threads:

I have been bitten by PDFs! Although I'm just a beginner, I am learning fast. That being said, I would like to learn a lot more and quicker! In order to facilitate this learning curve, I have been talking to MANY DC metro area froggers to have an occasional get together. I know it would be sort of far for you, but I think it might be your best option. Including me, 12 are interested. Are you interested? I was thinking Sunday mornings. This is going to be the most difficult thing to a date where most of us can attend. It would be a good way to trade, sell, group buys and discuss PDFs. Outside of that, here is a list of some possible topics (please feel free to add to this list):

1. Producing specific care sheets for every frog owned by members.
2. Breeding frogs.
3. Vivariums - show vs breeding vs functional.
a. Work shop - "How to construct a vivarium."
4. Plants.
5. Group buys (i.e., FCA acrylic tanks for under $100.00 - still in the works).
6. Husbandry and Diseases.
7. Food - who has had success with what.
8. Conservation (Sustaining the hobby).
9. Trades.
10. Sell or Auction.

We already have the site of our first two meetings:

1. Scott Menigoz (smenigoz)
2. Mike (Dunner97074)
3. Both of the above have already graciously volunteered their place. Let me know if you want to host one!?!?

Here is the current list:

1. David Martin (dmartin72)
2. Sean Stewart (seanstew)
3. Scott Menigoz (smenigoz)
4. JustinYeager (yeager)
5. Richard SInes (tuthelimit)
6. Yuri Huta (Yuri)
7. Scott (dartsanddragons)
8. Mike (Dunner97074)
9. Nia Sefcikova (nana_enes)
10. Corey Wickliffe (KeroKero)
11. Dawn Griffin (Dawn)
12. Jared Johnson (Jared J)
13. Van Robinson (Van)
14. Tim Rader (TimsViv)
15. Josh (JoshKaptur)
16. Sue Frederick (mmunchkins)
17. Damon Kraft (4thecrue)
18. Nick Morin (NickMorin)
Please add yourself to the list if you are interested
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