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Hi all!

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i'm new here and just beginning my research into raising some dart frogs! i am very interested in building the perfect viv for them and having a little slice of the rainforest! My first question is how much noise, if any, do these little guys make? i am moving into a new apartment in august and they are very strict about pets that make any sort of noise at all! some quiet noises would be ok, but if you could hear them from another room, that might be a problem!
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Hi welcome to the forum. It all depends on what you get my azureus call very faintly and could really only be heard if I'm near there tank. My leucomela are loud enoupgh to hear from my living room if the door is open to my frog room.
Hello! And welcome to the addiction ~ Most frog calls are faint but some calls can get loud, the sound is usually muted by a tight fitting lid. You should be all right as far as noise goes, don't think your neighbors will hear them though.
My leucs make enough noise to make them annoying to someone that doesn't enjoy that kind of thing. Each kind of frog is different of course. You can find something quite like Azurs or Auratus.
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