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Hey, nice rack!

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After finishing the bottom right tank for my new Black Eyed Tree frogs (Agalychnis moreletii), I organized a bit and took a picture with my phone. I was worried about the tree frogs being too humid but since I usually put clear tape over the vert conversion vent in my dart tanks, I just left this open. I think it's around 70% now and Black eyeds tolerate humidity higher than red eyes do. One week down and doing great so far.

As you can see, the bottom row is all vert conversions. Middle rack has a 15 gallon and a 16" acrylic cube. I have 2 acrylic tanks waiting for me to pick up that I had custom made. So once I have those the middle shelf will be 3 acrylics instead that are 16" long, 16" high, and 20 inches deep.

Top tanks are all my ten gallons for stuff like my Tarapoto imitator pair, lone warriors, grow outs, etc. I'll probably use the same custom acrylics for the top row minus the 10 gallon vert. I'll have more space for two tanks that way so they'll be a tad large in both height and length but still 20" deep.

Also, plans to mount the same bottom row dual shop light on the middle and top row as well.

The very top of the rack is the nursery. Up here I have my eggs, tadpoles, and froglets. Love the 190oz deli cups for housing tadpoles and froglets. Small desk light up there with CFL.

Been getting warm lately so I grabbed a nice fan from my parents house tonight that Ill be pointing backwards at a downward angle towards the wall to at least help disperse warm air created by lights.

Not all tanks are labelled with digital label maker as I ran out of label tape. My OCD kicking in but it amuses me to have each tank labelled.

EDIT: By the way, as my compromise with my fiance, I'm only allowed a single bakers rack until I can have my own frog room. She thinks she owned me on this one, but little did she know that I can do quite a bit on one rack. She didn't realize how big a baker's rack would be haha. It's grown on her though and she loves my frogs.
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Whoa... big rack you've got there!

Don't worry, you might not have OCD... I used the electron label maker for all my vivs too :eek:
Nice setups, hopefully you soften up the fiance because the black eyes will need a bigger home as adults.
I like collecting things so stuff like posters, calendars, nick nacks, and frog art other than my own can be found on my rack all the time. I can't help it lol

As I finish my own Dart frog statue painted copies, I usually display them on my rack on the middle shelf in front of tanks. It was packed before and now with frog day and aftershock orders networked at frog day, It's looking kind of sparse. I had painted an awesome Patricia tinc that Joe Nickerson bought and a azureus that Woodsman bought. Plus some others that were my favorites as well. So I'll have to paint up more copies like them for my own enjoyment. Just so damn busy with baby, life, and being so late on a couple paid projects on the forum I need to catch up on.

Thanks for looking guys! It's my sanctuary! Wish I had a frog room but I will soon enough when we own a condo. I'm totally going to do some awesome fake rock work on the walls of my frog room. For my portfolio and for my own kicks. That will be awesome to walk into my finished basement like that. At the end of the stairs you turn the light on and look around at something out of a Theme park lol
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Hmm never thought i would enjoy looking at another guy's rack lol. Nice work Dan.
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I think you could put a couple more tanks in there somewhere ;)

Lookin good though.... it's a shame I didn't get to meet you at Frog Day.. everytime I went to your table, you were up and about. I really like the replica rock that you made too
Hmm never thought i would enjoy looking at another guy's rack lol. Nice work Dan.

Just makes you want to reach out and touch that rack :p lol

Yep. Dan.. It's looking Awesome!! When I saw it in person. I love his set ups. Even the photos don't do it justice!!! Serious. They look that much better in person
Nice setups, hopefully you soften up the fiance because the black eyes will need a bigger home as adults.
No they won't. A twenty gallon tall vert conversion for 2 Black eyed tree frogs is perfectly fine. 24 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 16 deep is fine dude.

I didn't buy a large group. If we still disagree on that one that's ok. This is their home though.
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