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I came home from work to find an odd worm crawling on my glass.. I am only just guessing that this was pooped out by one of my frogs due to it being on the glass. That is just a guess though. I hope not, it is pretty good in size.

This is in my 55g leuc tank.. 5 leucs.. all came from brians.. 99% of the plants came from other than one brom from walmart.. brom is old and has been in this tank from the start.. tank is roughly 3-4 months old.. frogs have never been out of it.. havent seen this worm in any of my other tanks.. it may have crawled up the glass itself but I am not sure. Tank has been around 76 degrees... humidity between 70-80 at all times.. no other signs of anything odd.. frogs are doing okay and eating okay and sleeping.. none looking skinny or different.

Here is the best pic I can get:
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