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Help With Plants

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I have my vid for a bit over a year now, replanted it, reconfigured it and learned a lot. One thing that I still have problems with is finding moss like plants that I see in all of your tanks. Please help me to name this plant/moss, where to buy it, and with the way to grow it properly.

A better description is that the plant looks like moss, it grows over almost everything and is small for the base of the tank. I attached a picture for a better description.

Thanks for your help.


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That is more than likely some sort of tropical moss. I only know of one person on the board who routinely sells it (Manuran), though I know he just sold most of what he had.

It usually needs some light, and a lot of moisture. Moisture is the big key. If you want to start with something easier and cheaper, you may want to try Java Moss which many people use in their tropical fish tanks as a submerged moss, but can also be grown terrestrially as long as you provide enough moisture.
Another important thing is that most moss does not tolerate any supplements being dumped on it. So if you are feeding, you need to be sure to avoid the moss with the fruit flies or other insects that are covered in supplements to keep your animals healthy.
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it looks like Kyoto moss for bonsai. Get the spores, and mix with crushed spagnum moss. High light and mist it 2x a day. Takes about a month if you dont disturb it. I gotta say its not easy to get it that lush without alot of light. That pic is from a 10 gallon with 2x40w. MAJOR light.
an easier alternative is java moss or Riccia. They both need the same kind of misting requirements but dont need as much light. Theres a type of tropical moss the vendors sell. That works well too.
Light is the key.
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