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Im looking to start setting up my second pdf viv. I thought I would come here and ask a few things. There seems to be some great info and people on here so thanks in advance.
My second tank is 24"x24"x30"H euro braced tank. I want to put 2 water features in it, a drip wall and a waterfall(more like steps maybe 8" high). The thing I cant figure out is fan(s). I would like to run 1 fan about 3" dia. With a modded backpack design. Meaning the abs pipe makes an upside down u on the top of the tank but on the intake side I want to use a T not a 90° and put a gate valve on it so I can pull air from outside the tank if need be.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this or what fan I should use?
If you dont quite get it I can draw it up and post it. Thanks
Oh and at the bottom what do the numbers mean? Ie; 1.0.2 oyapock ect. Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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