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HELP Terribilis!

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Hey guys, I went to feed the frogs today, and one of my mint terribilis looks bad.. It color just looks really bad, idk how to explain it. Kind of darker I guess... Also its looking skinny. Whats going on?? I have it in a 190 oz. container with another one. The other one looks fine. Please help if you can.
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Update: I posted this before I really checked him out. I just looked at him closer, and I noticed his front hands are kind of messed up looking. Note: They were perfectly fine before. So I think this is possibly like foot rot? I've never delt with this before, so I'm not real sure how to treat it? I immeditly placed them both in their own QT 190 oz. tub, with some leaf litter and paper towel. I feel so aweful, I've been SO damn busy with school lately I did not notice in their old tub the moss was getting WAY too wet. So with this being said I'm pretty sure thats whats wrong. The other is still looking okay though. Can someone please tell me what I can do to possibly save this little one? I've had him for quite sometime now, and hate to lose him, but I have a bad feeling it might already be too late?
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Forget it he's dead.
Too long. I'll have to look at my records to be exact, but I'm laying down sick right now. I feel horrible because it was all my fault..
No it wasn't yours. It was one of mine. It was a little smaller than yours, but still too big for the container. I was just too busy and didn't have another tank set up for them. I have yours and the one that lived in one of your 18 cubes you gave me.
Lol thanks John. Happy early birthday! By the way Ben, then mint terribilis from you, he is a SPAZ! I've never seen such a spaz frog ha.
Wow... Mind reader lol. I'll send ya a text in a few.
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