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HELP Terribilis!

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Hey guys, I went to feed the frogs today, and one of my mint terribilis looks bad.. It color just looks really bad, idk how to explain it. Kind of darker I guess... Also its looking skinny. Whats going on?? I have it in a 190 oz. container with another one. The other one looks fine. Please help if you can.
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sucks man. were those new one or one of the ones that mine went with, or was it mine? :confused:

if it was the same age as mine that is WAY too long to have in 190oz bc he was just about full grown.

I've never heard of foot rot on frogs but as temps rise this time of year people often go longer b4 turning on the ac and I know some of my aquariums get warm and that's the first thing I watch with terribs. sorry for the lose man. Hope you can figure out what went wrong and if you could have prevented anything then this is just a sad lesson.
funny, hey... if you ever need another 10 or 20gal tank. just let me know.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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