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HELP! Rectal Prolapse!!!

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Today, was supposed to be a wonderful day. I was going to introduce my three tricolors in their permanent, well planted tank, when I noticed my female tricolor had a pinkish blob hanging out of her rear!!! :shock: I immediately got that "terribilis with rectal prolapse" in my mind.

It took me a while to even catch her, she's a very active frog. Its unfortunate I didn't know until I finally caught her, and then had to recatch her and put her back in the critter keeper. :(

She looks healthy, but I'm a nervous wreck right now! I got some sugar water and put it on, but she ran again and dove under the false bottom...again!

I don't want her to die! :cry: Is she going to be ok?!?! My vet doesn't know ANYTHING about herps!]

I DO HAVE a UVB 7% over my new 20 gal tank, with OP4 acrylic! She's experienced enough stress for today, but would it be better to release her into the big, spacious, well planted tank with UV, or leave her?
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I'm glad to hear that Trinity's butthole is feeling much better ...hehhe :lol:

Rain_Frog said:
well, Trinity is still alive and running around. No sign, that I'm aware of, of Rectal prolapse....thank goodness. :roll: (sigh!)

I soaked her this morning in pedialyte for 20 min, and she was pretty apt at trying to get away from me again, she is far from dead, that is for sure.

I released her into the new 20 gal vivarium where she has all sorts of room to run around with her two mates. Hopefully she'll be just fine. She seems to like it already. :D

I haven't witnessed her eat yet, but that good soak, plus all that room in her new tank to settle down, plus frequent misting and high humidity, all I can do is hope for the best.
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