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My frogs (that have been tested and cleared of parasites) laid a clutch of eggs 15 days ago, there were 4, one egg molded over after 9 days and I just pulled a second egg today that was dead. I'm down to 2 and one of those has a nematode swimming around in the egg with it. It's still alive, but I noticed yesterday that the developing tail tip is fuzzy looking and today I saw the nematode. What do I do? I've posted on here before asking about blackwater extract for mold prevention around the eggs, but only go 3 responses and was told it's not necessary, would it have helped keep the other 2 eggs from molding? Where the heck did a nematode come from? I pulled the eggs 5 days after they were laid and have them in an invert room that I keep at 80 w/a 60-70% humidity. They are in a petri dish w/a lid and a shelf above any invert enclosures. What am I doing wrong?:confused::mad::(
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