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Help Identify Plants?

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:confused:I bought these two plants at a recent reptile convention. I can't seem to identify them, can you? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Thanks, that was a big help! I'm pretty sure it's the carolinifolia based on comparisons with photos. Now if we can just identify that second plant:rolleyes:
The carolinifolia will also outgrow my terrarium:eek:, great... Looks like i've got another house plant.
Thanks for the identification and the advice. I'v got the oberonia hanging from the back wall now with some moss around the roots. I'm now looking for another plant to put in that hole the oberonia was in, any suggestions? I believe it's a 4in pot, there is holes poked for drainage as well.
the "fuzzy" looking stuff in the furthest bottom right is mood moss/frog moss. I just tucked it by the oberonia roots. The yellow string of little flowers is the bloom of the oberonia... hope that answers your question Judy. The mood moss is slightly yellow but turning more green as it's coming back to life(i just put it in there a few days ago).
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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