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hi all

my Epipedobates tricolor's have laid some eggs right on the top lip of glass of the tank, under the hood in a bit of water up there...

(i didnt expect them to breed quite soo soon, so i had no bromlaids of areas where they could lay.) im glas i spotted them to be honest.

so now what?

what the hell do i do? help!

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Tricolor eggs

If you decide to move the eggs it's fairly easy to move them with a spray bottle and a plastic spoon or smooth plastic card, I use my blockbuster card. Just be gentle. Spray water on the clutch and scrape it off onto a petri dish, just keep the eggs in the same orientation as they were laid. Most clutches are pretty tough and I've even flipped them over after scraping them off various surfaces. In the past my tricolors would transport larvae into the water dish, I've never really had to bother gathering eggs from this species.

Hope this answers your question

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thanks for the help guys

does anyone have any pictures of what my eggs should look like over the development please?


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