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help fatten up my red eye tree frog

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my wife just pointed out one of my red eye tree frogs looked think. I went to go look and he indeed looks thin. so i'm moving him to a 190oz temp tank for a few days.

My question is. what's the best way to fatten this guy back up? been feeding him crickets. let me know if you have any sugestion
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it's not the best pic but don't want to flash him again. also he's a lot thinner then the pic shows
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personaly i think it might be stress. he hides a lot even at night(been 2 months since we got the other frog. the other frog is fat and happy). but will look into doing this. i'm here to help the frog. not claim i know what's going on just yet. so any advice is welcome

mostly looking for advice into fattening him up with the lest a mount of stress
i got another red eye tree frog that went in about 2 months ago.(everything tested ok with him) the new frog is fat and happy. the old frog hides a lot since we put the other frog in. no signs of fighting or anything.

also as stated he will be moved to a 190oz tub until he gets better
190 oz. Round Quarantine/Temporary Enclosure & Lid | Josh's Frogs
that's the tub. it's not the tallest around but will work until i find out what's up. after i find that out a 10gal tank will be setup for his temp housing.(few weeks)
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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