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Hello I'm Sven and I'm from Belgium, Europe. I'm really crazy about poison dart frogs. My collection: D. Tinctorius: - Attachi Bakka
- Alanis
- Citronella
- Bakhuis
- French Guyana
- Regina
- Table Mountain
Epipodobates Tricolor
Phyllobates Vittatus
Phyllomedusa Hypochondrialis.
Hopely I'll meet a lot of new people and learn a lot about PDF.



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Its cool that this is becoming a International message board. I think we can learn alot from people who live outside of the US. It seems especially in some countries that they are way ahead of us in developing new ideas for terrarium and propegation techniques in both the aquarium and terrarium hobbies.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts