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Hi from Poland!
I'm not new to the contents of the forum, nor to the hobby - but never felt like I can contribute in a meaningful way, and felt uncomfortable to simply spam my way up to the 25 posts with some silly inquiries, non-issues, or things that I can search for and read about here already - just to be able to access the Marketplace.
(Not-at-all-suspicious-disclaimer: I don't intend nor will attempt to scam anyone. xD I'm not a seller, but a buyer and I need the marketplace rather to assess the availability and market prices of specimens, as I strongly prefer to buy living animals in person and arrange transport by myself).

But a lot of time passed and not having the access at this point is just more uncomfortable that being active on the old-fashioned herp forums, like it's still 2005. ;)
I'll be perfectly honest: I plan to spam just a little, to get up to 25 posts. ;) But I'll try to make it unobstructive, and hopefully mostly ask about somewhat useful things for other lurkers to stumble upon. Well, maybe with additon of some tongue-in-cheek opinions, that shouldn't be taken very seriously. ;)

Also: I hope that my welcome is not already a shit-post by itself. :D

Have a nice day - whoever you are - sufficiently bored to read this. :p
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