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Hello dendro community!

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a little about myself:

I’ve been growing many different house plants for years now. Some rare, some very common.
After my first pothos and snake plant. I quickly became obsessed with acquiring new, exciting plants.
Filling a space with plants brings me happiness. Through caring, watching them grow etc. My favorite color is green. So naturally I enjoy being surrounded by it.
A fellow plant mom, informed me that a great place to acquire plants is at our local reptile expo.
I’ve wanted to raise a pet snake since I was a very little girl. I intended on picking up some plants, inquiring about tropical snake care and its specifics. Soon came to the conclusion that snakes would damage the plants I had hoped to add.

How I decided on dendros:

Didn’t consider darts until about 2 years later. When I became serious about a bioactive build. For a cattleya aclandiaeorchids orchid, a lepanthopsis floripecten orchid, philodendron squmiferum, and a scindapsus treubii moonlight. As well as some others that needed care more dialed in.
Headed over to a local pet shop that specializes in tropical amphibians, reptiles, arachnids etc. As I heard they had people working there, well versed in bioactive setups.
It was there that I fell in love with a dendrobates tinctorius azureus. Never had I seen one up close, in her home before. The frog seemed so happy to be immersed with foliage. Not to mention it came up to the glass! I was unaware there were frogs out there, completely unbothered by human presence. Definitely a great character to have along side plants I intend to do maintenance (take cuttings, corms, overgrowth etc) from.
As of January 2nd I was able to purchase the exact individual I first saw! Alongside another tank mate (believe to be male) that she was housed with.

Been browsing the site for awhile now. Finally decided to make my own account since I had some specific questions. I couldn’t seem to find answers to. Expect to see another post in beginner discussion soon lol
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Welcome aboard! I'd love to see some pictures of your houseplants, some day. I manage to keep plants alive in my vivs (well... some easier species, at least), but I do not always fare as well around the house.
I’ll tag you when I post pictures in this thread!
I live in the pnw so relative house humidity is a bit higher than where I’m from (Cali). Much easier to grow house plants even without a humidifier. Maybe you’re in a dryer climate?
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Cattleyas take a lot of light to bloom. Way more then the frogs are going to like if they are in the same tank.
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Cattleyas take a lot of light to bloom.
Agreed. Ive definitely had to make detours since deciding to get frogs. I currently have three tanks. Only one has frogs.
Welcome! I have a C kerrii I was planning to put close to the lights and away from the misters. It would be cool to have it bloom in the pdf tank, but I may need a separate viv for that.
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Maybe you’re in a dryer climate?
Yup. Southern California. When I lived back east, I had better luck with houseplants. I never quite figured out how to make it work in this dry, desert air.
Southern California.
I used to live in San Diego. Definitely a bit more challenging in some respects. I will say however with it being sunny all the time, that definitely helps.
Where I live now has at least 3 months of gloom. Yuck haha
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