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hi my name is jeovani. my best friend omar and i are trying to get started in this hooby of keeping and breeding these awesome frogs. First id like to thank all you guys who helped me out with my first issues with the pumilios. Anyways, we are located in miami, fl and just wanted to introduce ourselves to the forum. any help that anyone could offe would be greatly appreciated. I look foward to learning more about these frogs and getting to know all of you better.

Jeovani and Omar

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Welcome to dendroboard!

Best advise I could give... read lots of posts :) You can learn a lot on here even just by reading posts and threads on the various topics, even if you think they don't pertain to you now.

Other advice... ask questions, no matter how stupid you think they are. Those who as questions are fools for 5 minutes. Those who don't are fools for a lifetime.

I'm always happy to chat frogs, feel free to send me a line.
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