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What is the best way to maintain heat? I have used heating incandesent and moon lamps to heat up red-eye terraria in the past with much sucess. Is this a bad idea for darts and if so what should i use? Or, does it even matter as long as i can keep humidity up? I also use uth to keep a warm ground temp, and raise the ambient temp.

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Most dart frogs do fine at room temps 65-85 F. In fact the lighting you have should heat up the terrarium during the day just fine. Some people get too much heat from the light and have to raise it off of the terrarium so as not to bake the frogs and plants. This can be a problem since most terrariums have little ventilation so as to keep the humidity high enough for the frogs. If you really need to heat the tank and cannot do it by keeping the room warm, you can use a standard under tank heater. The heaters you describe are hard to regulate and can be dangerous if your frogs come in contact with them.
There are a few other ways to keep your vivarium warm, these are just a few.

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