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Hello, you will see I have a problem, I have 4 bulbs of 26 watts, a heating cable and when I installed everything was correct temperature was around 26 to 26.5 but a few weeks ago, does not exceed 23 ° in the morning and afternoon 25 as much.
heating methods remain the same and nose what else I can do to increase the temperature, because in short I would like to get some azureus, and these are a little delicate and I want the temperature under control.
Any idea or solution?
Apart, I have a thermo control PRO 2, and I have a problem with decimals, only points 0 -, 3 -, 5 -, 6. for example between 24 and 25 mark only 24.0 to 24.3 - 24.5 to 24.6 and 25. I dont know because it can be.
Thank u very much for everything, forgive my English I am Spanish hehe:)
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