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Hi All

I am setting up a dart frog vivarium (18in by 18in by 24 in tall) The one thing that keeps vexing me is the lights. I saw this on a hydroponic gardening site, and was wondering what you thought?? Would this:

a) work

b) replicate the needed spectrum fully??

Here is the article:
(Its 3 parts)

Cheap LED Light and Grow Box



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I too have been doing some research on LED lights and most people seem to think that those types of lights do not put out enough light per bulb to penetrate far enough downward to be effective.
I found these lights on ebay and have ordered one to try out.
110VAC 10W White LED Flood Light Wall Wash Lamp Outdoor | eBay

Hopefully 4-5 of these will work for my tank, which is a little deeper than your tank.
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