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Handling WC's

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Hi, I know I must have heard a bunch of times that begginers should stay clear of buying wc's becuase they require experience to take care of and what not, especially just before the farm-raised pumilio started coming in in decent numbers. I know this is said with good cause, but I would like to know what in particular goes into acclimating a wc frog.

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I have no idea why a beginner would want to start with WC animals, especially in darts. I have spoken with several people that have had losses of up to 50% in recent importations, and that includes some of the most respected large scale breeders. And when you consider that these people start out with 50-100 frogs...ouch. I would say that quarantine is a definite must with any frog. Unless the breeder has personally treated the animals, I quarantine for a month at least, and even if they have, I still closely monitor them for 1-2 weeks and get fecals done before introducing them to a permanent tank. Also feed/water quarantined frogs after everything else, and use a different dusting cup/spray bottle if possible. Thomas Villegas has some good tips on this issue on his website Did you have any particular species in mind?
2 years? In that case I have no right giving you advice, I've only been keeping darts for 7 months! But as for Panacur treatment, it's supposedly safe enough to give regularly to healthy frogs, but I wouldn't use it unless it was deemed necessary. I've heard of some breeders using it as a shotgun treatment on their stock once or twice a year, but how effective is that in the long run?
Right, that is the ideal situation, but I was just talking about Fenbendazole use in general to treat an entire collection all at once every 6 months or so.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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