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Gut Loading Diet Studies

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Some studies on gut loading that I thought you guys might like.

(T-Rex Calcium Plus, Fluker’s High Calcium Cricket Diet, Timberline Cricket Power Food, Timberline Cricket Power Food + 15% CaCO3, Jurassi Diet Gut Load, and Energy Savers Unlimited Cricket and Insect Food)

(Mazuri Better Bug, Mazuri Hi Calcium Gut Loading Diet, Purina Gamebird Starter, and fresh produce mixed with Mazuri LS Tortoise Diet)

(Repashy Superload, Mazuri Better Bug, Mazuri Hi Calcium Gut Loading Diet, and Timberline Cricket Aid)
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(Nutrient composition of Repashy Superload, Mazuri Better Bug, Mazuri Hi Calcium Gut Loading Diet, and Timberline Cricket Aid)

Composition of Four Commercial Feeder Cricket Gut-Loading Diets
Gut-loading diets are fed to crickets immediately prior to being consumed by insectivores to increase their nutrient density. A variety of gut-loading diets are marketed to pet owners and zoos, but nutrient composition is not always thoroughly evaluated and published. The objective of this study...

(Repashy Superload, Zeigler Monster Cricket Diet, and fresh produce mix)

Comparison of two gut-loading regimens on nutrient content of feeder crickets (Gryllodes sigellatus) • AZA Nutrition Advisory Group

(Zukudla Cricket Max2)

The Development and Evaluation of a Gut-loading Diet for Feeder Crickets Formulated to Provide a Balanced Nutrient Source for Insectivorous Amphibians and Reptiles

(Gel vs dry gut loading diet for cricket nymphs)

Nutritional composition of extra-small cricket (Acheta domesticus) nymphs fed dry versus gel gut-loading diets • AZA Nutrition Advisory Group

(Fluker’s High Calcium Mealworm Diet)

Using a Commercial Gut Loading Diet to Create a Positive Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio in Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor)
Abstract. Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) are one of the most common feeder insects fed to exotic animals due to their high acceptance rate, larval longevity, and ease of care. Unfortunately, in their natural commercial state, they are severely deficient in calcium and can predispose exotic animals...

(Image is a study on Fluker's High Calcium Dubia Roach Diet)
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