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LOL activated carbon to make it black?!!!

Please excuse me...



Now whomever told you that is 100% wrong and very likely KNEW they were wrong. Yes a ploy it was. $16 is a total rip off.

The canned black polyurethane foam is only a slightly more viscous mix resulting in a more sticky/dense material than normal GS and they use a special urethane dye that reacts at the chemical level into the PUR foam polymer chain. It will not leach out. If it does, its because they mixed too much at the factory into the foam and it interfered with the cure and what you are seeing is what did not react. Toss it all, clean it up, and use different can.

Same dye I use to make the base color in my urethane resin rocks. Not toxic.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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