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Instead of using a fat pvc pipe, which takes up more space than needed, I used a section cut out of a plastic sled, so that I could bend it into place exactly where i needed it (in the corner) and then I applied the foam on top of it to hide it completely. It goes from the very top of the tank down below the false bottom. It creates an open channel down the back corner through which the pump can pass, as well as my hand if for some reason I need to reach down below the false bottom. For the top, where the channel is open, I covered it with saran wrap, and then applied a thin layer of foam. As it dried, I formed it into shape, so that when completely dry, all I had to do was remove the saran wrap and presto~ a perfect cap. After cutting a slit for cords to pass through, it was complete. Just my thoughts on it.. Good luck!
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