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They're lookin good and are pretty cool to watch at night. The only thing about them is that since they are naturally a very slender frog, Im constantly concerned that they are too skinny! But they hunt actively and defecate so I know they're ok.

It's not much to look at at this point, but I'll get some pics of the enclosure up later.
I have the same problem with my Super Tiger Legged Monkey Tree Frogs. Their thinness worries me. Every morning, I scour their enclosure to count poo, lol. Lots of poo so I guess they're eating. :p

How are you viewing them at night? Do you have some sort of night time lighting? I've tried infrared lights that make them go back to sleep and some other night time light (blueish purplish color) from zoomed that is too weak for me to see them. :mad:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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