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Got Moss?

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This has been a good year for moss where I live. My husband went moss hunting this weekend for me and found the nicest greenest sheets of moss. Some of the sheets are 2-3 sq. feet! This stuff actually grows better for me than the expensive tropical moss and looks nicer.

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Just hope it doesnt need a cool dormant period to live, thats the problem with temperate mosses.
I'm starting to believe that some of these mosses(like jere in KY) really DON'T need a cool period. I'm having great success with some using compacts and moderate success under regular flourescents. Guess time will tell.

I actually went out the other day hunting salamanders and found some sheets of moss that looked as clean as carpet, in sheets a couple of feet long. It is almost not even attatched to rotten logs and peels up super easily.

I was looking for termites, and found lots of nice moss, it was in the shade and is doing great under shoplights. I only took about a sq. foot, and left about 5 sq. ft so it could grow back.
If the moss is going to take, won't a small patch do the job? I've found that drying a hand full, shredding it and sprinkling it on the substrate is a better indicator. If it will grow, it grows fast. If not, there's still some left to try a different approach, and for the critters that thrive in it. It sure looks nice...I'm jealous!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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